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Entry to our 8-week challenge is now CLOSED. Thank you to all those who participated to get fit and be healthy. For more information please contact 

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Take the pledge to Get Moving. Explore Melbourne, get healthy, have fun and win!

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Visit a local park or garden and tell us how far you travelled to earn 300 points.

Walking benefits
Read this article from the Heart Foundation to learn about the benefits of walking.

Take the 8-week challenge to get moving, get fit and get healthy!

Win a Fitbit Ionic

**This watch gives you everything you need to take your new health journey to the next level. Packed with fitness insights and guidance, it will track our heart rate, send you notifications from chosen apps on your phone and even store your music for all your future walking and cycling.

Terms & conditions

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The City of Melbourne is launching the Get Moving initiative as part of the Partnership for Healthy Cities, a global network of cities committed to reducing noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and injuries. The Partnership is led by World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Ambassador for NCDs and former New York City Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg. City of Melbourne has worked alongside Bloomberg Philanthropies and implementing partner Vital Strategies to develop Get Moving. Use the link below to find out more about the Partnership and its collaborators.

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