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Get new local customers for your business.

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Promote your business for free and reach new customers in the Bayside City Council area – register your business today!

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How does GreenMoney work?
GreenMoney is Bayside City Council's online rewards program for the environment, only available to citizens in the Bayside City Council area. Residents sign up to GreenMoney and earn points by taking sustainable challenges, like recycling more and use their points to redeem discounts at local businesses like yours!

Are there any costs involved?
No, all set up and ongoing management costs are covered by Bayside City Council. The benefit for your business is free digital promotion to Bayside locals.

How do I set up my reward page?
Our team will help you through every step of this process. We will set up a draft reward page for your approval. You will need to provide your logo, business contact details, images and a short description about your business – it's that easy!

How do customers redeem?
GreenMoney members use their points earned from completing challenges, such as recycling more, and redeem for vouchers from businesses (just like yours!) using the GreenMoney app.

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24/7 access to customer profile data and real-time redemption reports in the GreenMoney business centre.

Become an exclusive Bayside City Council reward partner and join 35+ other rewards already featured.

Free digital promotion channel with no set up costs.

Exclusive access to Bayside City Council citizens via the GreenMoney web and mobile apps.

Hyper-local targeting enabling you to reach and engage new eco-conscious customers.

Increased online exposure, driving traffic to your business.

24/7 access to customer data and real-time redemption reports.

Set up reward offers that promote your products and services – turn them on and off to suit your needs.